[ Visiting Scholar ]
2008. ~ 2009, Dr. Hye-Young Kim, Hongik University,
    "Research Topic : Mobility Management"
2008. ~ 2009, Dr. Navrati Saxena, Sungkyunkwan University,
    "Research Topic : Wireless Sensor Network"
2009.03. ~ 2010.02, Dr. Yong-Hwan Lee,
    "Research Topic : Graphics"

[ Alumni ]
[Ph.D. Students ] 
2007. 08, Ph.D. Jung-Yong Choi, Samsung Electronics,
    "Cross-Layer Transmission Control for Prioritized Video over Wireless Networks"
2010. 02, Ph.D. Abhishek Roy, Samsung Electronics,
    "Resource Management for Mobility in OFDMA Femtocell Networks"
2012. 02, Ph.D. Yo-Han Kim, Samsung Electronics,
    ""Scalable Video Transmission over MIMO based Wireless Network"
2017. 08, Ph.D. Toan Duc Bui, Postdoc in US., UNC-Chapel Hill
    "Segmentation of Noisy and Inhomogeneous Images Based on Active Contour and Deep Learning"
2018. 02, Ph.D. Phuc Chau, Samsung Electronics, Network Division
    "Wireless Network Coding and Applications: Multimedia Content Delivery and Beyond"
2019. 02, Ph.D. Yongwoo Lee (이용우), Samsung Electronics, Semiconductor Division
    "Deep Learning based Pedestrian Detection with Impulse Denoising Technique"
2019. 02, Ph.D. Mir Hamayoun Yousaf, Univ. Professor in Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering, and Management Sciences (BUITEMS), Pakistan
    "Resource Allocation for Cluster-based M2M in Vehicular Networks"
2022. 02, Ph.D. Mehwish Awan,
    "Robust Deep Learning Algorithms for Weakly Supervised Object Detection and Semantic Video Segmentation"

[M.S. Students ] 
2003. 08, M.S. Sung-Hyun Seo, Patent office,
    "QoS-Aware Call Admission Control for Multimedia Service in CDMA Networks "

2005. 02, M.S. Yong-Chan Jung, LG Mobile Comm. Research Center,
    "QoS-Aware Scheduling for Multimedia Services in Wireless Networks"
2005. 02, M.S. Se-Jung Jung,  LG Mobile Comm. Research Center,
    "Packet scheduling mechanism for QoS enhancement"
2006. 02, M.S. Jung-Seok Choi(DMC), Samsung Electronics,
    "Optimal Encoder Parameters for Transmitting H.264 Encoding in Wireless Channel"
2006. 08, M.S. Chunsoo Ahn, Samsung Electronics,
    "Multipath Routing Protocol with Consideration of QoS Parameter in Wireless Multihop Networks"

2007. 02, M.S. Hoon Choi, Samsung  Electronics,
    "Optimized Error Control Scheme for Video Streaming in Wireless Environments"
2007. 08, M.S. Seung-Jun Lee, LG Mobile Comm. Research Center,
    "Enhanced MAC and Routing algorithms in Wireless multi-hop networks"

2008. 02, M.S. Kyung-Duk Kim, Ssangyong Information & Communication Corp.,
    "Proportional-rate QoS scheduling algorithm in OFDMA systems"
2008. 02, M.S. Seul-Ki Shin, SK C&C,
    "Efficient motion vector refinement on MPEG-2 to H.264/AVC Transcoding"

2009. 02, M.S. Hyung-Won Kwak, Samsung Electronics,
    "The Study of Mobility Management for Femtocell based 3GPP LTE systems"
2009. 02, M.S. Seung-Seok Hong, Samsung Electronics,
    "The Transmission Method over Multi-hop network and Video Quality Estimation Method for Transmission errors"
2009. 02, M.S. Bum-Gon You, Samsung Electronics,
    "Resource Allocation Algorithm for Proportionally Differentiated Service in OFDMA System"

2010. 02, M.S. Young-Sang Cho, LG Electronics,
    "Combined Mechanism using both ARQ and Scheduling for Efficient Transmission in OFDMA system"
2010. 02, M.S. Poong-Up Lee, Samsung Electronics,
    "Resource and interference management in LTE femtocell systems"
2010. 02, M.S. Deok-Koo Sung, Samsung Electronics,
    "Perceptual quality assessments over packet video network"

2011. 02, M.S. Jung-Hyun Han, SK Telecom,
    "SVC video transmission using channel coding method for video quality optimization"
2011. 02, M.S. Tae-Young Lee, Samsung Electronics,
    "Resource allocation analysis in OFDMA femtocells using fractional frequency reuse"
2011. 02, M.S. Jang-Geun Jung, LG Electronics,
    "Analysis of Hidden Node Problem in Multihop Networks based on IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN"
2011. 02, M.S. Jong-Pil Jung, Samsung Electronics,
    "Adaptive spanning tree algorithm in HDMI Ethernet channel network"
2011. 08, M.S. Hyun-Tae Kim, STX,
    "No-reference video-quality assessment for H.264/AVC and scalable extension video"

2012. 02, M.S. Jin-Hyun Park [박진현], LG CTO,
    "Optimized H.264/SVC video transmission using channel coding method in varying network environment"
2012. 02, M.S. Sang-Tae Lee [이상태], Samsung Electronics,
    "Resource management analysis in celluar femtocell networks"
2012. 02, M.S. Ji-Sun Youn [윤지선], Samsung Electronics,
    "Video-aware networking coding over MIMO relay network"

2014.02, M.S., 김태우, Samsung Electronics, 
    "3D Video Quality Enhancement Using Depth Maps Based on Human Visual System (HVS)"
2014.02, M.S.,  김정훈, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, 
    "Enhancement methods of depth video usinf labelng and filtering"
2014. 02,  M.S., 박명우, Samsung Electro-Mechanics,
    "Analysis depth map deblocking filter and error concealment method for Multi-view plus Depth Video"
2014. 02,  M.S.,  조태민, Hyundai Mobis, 
    "Analysis of network coding for scalable video transmission (계층형영상 데이터전송을 위한네트워크 코딩연구)"
2015. 08, M.S. 김성연, LG CTO, "Improved network coding for QoE / by Seongyeon Kim"
2016. 02, M.S. 김우연, KT 연구소, "Region-Based Error Concealment of Depth Map in Multiview Video (영역구분을 통한 다시점 영상의 깊이맵 손상 복구 기법)"
2016. 02, M.S. 오동률, KT 연구소, "'A weighted joint filter application for upsampling and quality enhancement of virtual view synthesis in MVD based video system"
2019. 06, M.S. 이성구, "'Development of Particulate Matter Prediction Modeling Based on Deep Learning"
2020. 08, M.S. Phan Le Trung,"Cross-linked Fully convolution-DenseNet for Volumetric Segmentation of Brain MRI".
2020. 08, M.S. 이영록 (Samsung Electronics), "Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Bitrate Control with in Mirroring [미러링 서비스에서 적응형 비트 전송률 제어를 위한 강화학습 방법]".